Denture Care and Maintenance

If you’re missing some or all of your teeth, you may have selected to replace them with a denture. At Bonita Springs Emergency Denture Care, we harness cutting-edge denture technology to provide you with the perfect smile solution – quickly and affordably. Whether you’re looking to transition to dentures or replace an existing denture, our expert team will help you rejuvenate your smile. Proper denture care is crucial for maintaining the life of the appliance and sustaining oral health. At Bonita Spring Denture Care, we’re here to educate our patients on dentures and their oral health, as well as repair dentures if they get damaged. But if you can care for your dentures properly, you can put off repairs as long as possible.

How to Properly Care for Dentures

Handle with Care. Dentures are an investment in your oral health. They’re also pretty fragile, so handle them as carefully as possible to reduce the risk of damage or needing repairs.

Rinse Well. After every meal, rinse your dentures with water to remove any loose food particles. If left there, the particles can lead to bad breath or gum disease.

Brush Them. Brush your dentures daily for the best care possible. Select a soft-bristled brush or a denture-specific brush to decrease the chance of damage. Also, make sure to use a denture-safe cleanser.

Let Them Soak. Dentures need to remain moist and hydrated. Whenever your dentures aren’t in your mouth they should be soaking in water or a solution recommended by your doctor. Never hot water, though – that can make them warp, leading to an ill-fitting denture.

Visit Often. Maintain regular visits with your dentist in Wichita to ensure there are no potential problems and your dentures are fitting and functioning properly.

Let us Help! You can add an extra gleam to your smile! Our denture experts can quickly remove stains, banish odors, and sanitize your dentures, all in one-two quick visit. Walk out with a revitalized smile, knowing your dentures are fresh, hygienic, and looking their best!

Sometimes you can do all you can to care for a denture and it still breaks. That’s where we come in!

How Can Dentures Break?

Accidental or incidental breakage. Dentures must be removed at night, and may accidentally fall out during everyday activities. They can break in the sink, at the grandkid’s soccer game – unfortunately, breaks can happen anywhere and they are never convenient.

Poor fit. The lack of stability for your denture can cause stress and pressure points, which can cause your denture to crack or break, as well as cause you pain and discomfort.

Wear and tear. Over time, dentures can become worn and brittle, making them more susceptible to breaking.

Why Choose Emergency Denture Care?

Quick Restoration. We understand the importance of your dentures in your daily life. Our prompt denture repair service ensures minimal disruption, so you can regain functionality and confidence in no time.

Expert Craftsmanship. Our experienced dental technicians use advanced techniques and high-quality materials to perform meticulous repairs, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your dentures.

Comprehensive Repairs. From minor cracks to broken denture teeth, our service covers a wide range of repairs, addressing any issues and restoring the natural appearance and functionality of your dentures.

Customized Solutions. We take a personalized approach to denture repairs, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. Each repair is carefully executed to ensure a comfortable fit and optimal performance.

Cost-Effective. Repairing your dentures is a cost-effective alternative to a full replacement. Our affordable denture repair service helps you save money without compromising on quality.

Don’t let damaged dentures compromise your smile. Our denture repair service offers reliable and efficient solutions to restore functionality and extend the lifespan of your dentures. Call or stop in today to rediscover the comfort and confidence you deserve.

Ready for better-fitting dentures?

What Our Denture Repair Process Looks Like

When you visit Emergency Denture Care, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. We’re going to break down a real experience of a patient (we’ll call him Bill) from the moment he booked an appointment to the moment he left satisfied with a well-fitted, repaired denture!

Bill [our patient] called our office in the morning with a broken denture that was completely in half from the night before. Our Bonita Springs, FL office has an in-house lab, so they were able to fix the denture right there for Bill. They made an appointment for him to come in at 10:00 am and sent him his paperwork electronically to speed up the check-in process.

Emergency Denture Patient reviews options for repairing or replacing a denture.

When Bill arrived, he was seated in one of the operatories, and the doctor came in to do a quick exam of Bill’s gums to ensure everything was healthy. Once the doctor confirmed his oral health, Bill was walked through the process of what would be done and was told to return around noon to pick up his repaired denture. The denture was then taken to the back by the in-office lab technician, where it was prepped, new acrylic was added to the fracture, and both pieces were bonded together like new. The denture was then polished, high-shined, and placed in the ultrasonic cleaner.

Bill returned at noon, was seated in a chair, and the doctor placed the denture to ensure everything looked and fitted well. Bill was very happy that the denture was repaired in the office, the same day, and did not have to be sent out to a lab, where it may have taken longer to repair.

Every appointment and patient will have a different experience depending on the repairs needed and the health of their gums, but we can often repair dentures on the same day, like in Bill’s case. Missing a tooth off a denture, an ill-fitting denture, or a broken denture can all be repaired here in-house!

Don’t hesitate to book your appointment with Emergency Denture Care Bonita Springs, FL – Same-day appointments are often available! We’re here to help you love your smile.